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Some of the feedback since the first book launch.

“It has definitely made us want to get the next two books in the series. I don't feel like such a beginner anymore and I even know what compound interest is, although I still don't think I could calculate it!”


"Heard you on the MeaningfulMoney Podcast. Downloaded a copy for me and recommended it to my two millennials and their partners. Hopefully they will follow suit. Excellent book, excellent cause. Thanks."


"As a millennial, I am consistently bombarded with adverts about investing my money, saving for retirement and all things financial. Mark’s beautifully written book has made this complex topic so clear and easy to understand, I really cannot explain. Thanks a lot Mark, I cannot wait for the rest of the series, and I really hope others get as much from this book as I did."


“The most helpful thing was the number of linked resources. As Mark describes, there are so many frauds and fakes that it's always seemed too daunting to 'just google' these things, so having him give recommendations for further reading … was very reassuring and makes doing further research much less overwhelming.”


"I’m a baby boomer, so I thought I’d take a look at this offering for my millennial children. I discovered MYFE is in a class of its own. Clearly and sympathetically written (it’s the first book for us Brits that doesn’t assume everyone finds it easy to save and invest) and pleasing to read. Even as a lifelong saver and investor I found it informative. The FAQs alone are worth it, and the author’s observations on investing for FIRE are invaluable. The sections on ‘Do what you love vs love what you do’, ‘MoTs’, ‘Learning’ and ‘Managing student debt’ are particularly insightful. As short as it is, this book contains masses of practical information, examples and hyperlinks. This isn’t just a book, it’s a reference manual. Definitely a ‘must’ for my kids!"


"Mark has put together a fantastic book in MYFE 1. The book covers a great breadth of content, from investing to taxes to student loans to property. The overall aesthetic and design of the book is brilliant, with many figures, tables and diagrams. This helps to bring parts of the book to life. Particularly If you're a younger person, like myself, then this would be a great way to get stuck into the world of financial education. Mark covers a lot of important concepts, things that we aren't taught in schools, but are very important to know and understand. The various sections are concise, digestible, and written in language that is understandable. I'm also honoured to get a mention towards the end of the book. I'm looking forward to MYFE 2 and 3!"

Ryan, Making Money Simple

"I've read a good many ‘manage your money’ books but this is by far the most straight talking, easy to follow guide I've found. Mark breaks things down nicely and gives you lots of further reading when things need explanation. A great job, well done. I'm looking forward to future editions. Oh, and I should mention that Mark has given up his experience and time for support a worthy charity, the Brain Tumour Charity... just amazing. Keep up the great work."


"This book does exactly what it says on the tin. It is considerately written making the information easy to digest for a newbie investor. There is little jargon and each chapter is broken down into bite size sections which kept me engaged and interested. This has given me confidence to keep going with my financial journey and to not be scared off by the jungle it can sometimes be! Thank you!"


"The book’s author Mark modestly declares from the outset that his book on finance for novices is written by a former novice. There’s the attraction. Mark remembers how earlier in his life he knew nothing about money. He then guides the reader on a journey of not only acquiring the knowledge but just as important, how to make use of it. Finance to the uninitiated is often scary but Mark’s writing is so accessible that any financial jargon scarcely gets a look-in. The book is beautifully designed and set out. Colourful with plenty of sidebars breaking up the text, and quotes. These are from financial wizards and entrepreneurs to philosophers and Oscar Wilde. A gem of a book that I wish I’d read sixty years ago, if only it had been written."


"If like me, you are one of those people who know they really should pay more attention to their savings and investments but never get round to tackling the task as it just seems too complicated and time consuming, the MYFE book 1 is going to be really useful to you. I find things can very quickly get complicated and hard to understand in this area, but not only is the information within the book broken down into manageable and simply explained chunks, but the layout of the actual book (in a sort of magazine style) makes reading it easy going as well. I think the fact that Mark isn’t actually a finance professional makes it easier for him to explain things in simple terms and just deal with the pieces of information that really matter to anyone who wants to get in control of planning for their future without feeling like they’re climbing a mountain to get there. I’ll definitely be reading the next two books as soon as they are released."


"I listened to the Meaningful Money podcast and then immediately downloaded Managing Your Financial Expectations Book 1. I’ve been reading it avidly this evening and am thoroughly impressed with the wealth of information and advice contained in such a short work, and how well presented and easy to absorb it is. I just wanted to get in touch directly to say thank you for taking the time to put together your books and for generously sharing them with everyone for free. The £20 I donated to your very worthy cause is easily the best £20 I have ever spent on my financial education and probably the best £20 I have spent on anything in some time. Like you, I didn’t start planning seriously for retirement until my forties and, although a little late to the party, I’m now determined to make up for lost time and gain financial independence well ahead of the average retirement age. I can tell this book will be extremely helpful in augmenting my plans. I look forward to reading more of Book 1 and to starting Book 2 when it’s available. Thanks again and all the best."


"I've been a financial adviser for over 20 years and have been sharing financial content online for more than ten years. In that time, I've had tons of stuff sent to me by well-meaning people wanting to do their bit to improve the financial education of the nation. But rarely have I seen anything which is such good quality as the Managing Your Financial Expectations series from Mark Hamilton. In short, Mark gets it. He understands his subject, but more than that, he understands how to communicate in a way which equips and inspires his readers to take ACTION! Information without action is pointless, after all, and Mark makes the steps we need to take clear and simple. No matter our background, beliefs or politics, money is important to all our lives. To build wealth for ourselves we need to understand its mechanics so that we can make it work for us. These books give you everything you need to know and everything you need to do to take control of your finances. I can't recommend them highly enough." 

Pete Matthews, Meaningful Money

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