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Cookies Policy

On this page you'll find out about the cookies in use when you visit the MYFE financial guide website for savings and investment help.

Types of cookies used on

Analytics & tracking cookies: Provided you consent, this type of cookie is used to understand how you use our services and website pages on The information measures the number of people that visit each page. It also look at where they have arrived from, and the options that are clicked. These cookies are also used to help us get our articles ranked highly on search engines. But, any information collected is done so anonymously.


​​Strictly necessary cookies: These types of cookie are required so you and others can use our Site. They ensure the security and stability of our Site. They help ensure that it works correctly and correctly displays images. If we didn’t use these cookies then the web site wouldn’t work as intended.


Functional cookies: Cookies of this type enable to enhance your experience on the site. They also remember any choices you make and help ensure that our Site runs without issues. They can also be used to help test new and future site features. But we can only employ these types of cookies if you have given consent.

Social media cookies: uses social media. In connection with this, cookies are used to let you know about things we think you might be interested in. This is done based on your previous visits. This type of cookie provides insights on whether we are doing this well and manages the amount of times we contact you. Cookies on our site also include those that are set by a range of social media services to allow you to share items with other social networks and friends. They are able to track your browser across other web sites you might visit and and create a profile of things you are interested in. This may have a bearing on the content and messages you'll see on other websites. You may not be able to see or use sharing buttons if you don’t allow these types of cookies. Any third party cookies our site uses are listed below.


​​No individual users will be identified from cookie details. We regularly check the types of cookies used on However, services in use on the site may alter the names and purpose of their cookies. Social networks and some other services often alter their cookies. Whilst we endeavour to keep our site cookie information in date, it may take a short while for any changes to feature in our policy.

Deleting and controlling cookies:

Most web browsers enable cookies as a default setting automatically. In order to prevent this, you are able to control this via your web browser settings. But, please be aware that disabling or deleting cookies may affect the way in which operates for you.


These are the cookies uses. This list is updated regularly but changes may take some time to feature on this list. The list sets out, Type of cookie - reason for use - duration - requirement

  • XSRF-TOKEN - Used for security reasons - Session - Essential

  • hs - Used for security reasons - Session - Essential

  • svSession - Used in connection with user login - 2 years - Essential

  • SSR - caching Used to indicate the system from which the site was rendered - 1 minute - Essential

  • bSession - Used for system effectiveness measurement - 30 minutes - Essential

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