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Meet the MYFE Book Series

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MYFE Book 1:


A quick start guide

Those who manage our savings and investments have a tendency to

make the process appear complex and intimidating. It's neither.

This book will give you a simple plan anyone can understand, and it

will only take 30 minutes of your time per year.


It will outperform 80% of finance professionals in the long run, and

make you financially self sufficient, possibly even well-to-do,

in retirement.


But, it's not a 'get-rich-quick' plan. Successful saving and investing

require time and patience.


And yet, by following a few simple rules you can manage your stress

and your saving and investment risks while securing your short,

medium and long-term goals.


If you haven't yet begun your saving and investment journey,

this book will give you a road map for more successfully achieving

your financial goals - even if you're having difficulty saving.

Available Now

88 page pdf document - 50MB

Book 1

MYFE Book 2:


Investment market performance

Available in 2023

Book 2 is structured to give you a better understanding of how the

investment markets, and the many asset classes within them (including

property, ESG and crypto assets), have delivered for investors over time.

It tells you how to break through confusing, and often misleading, market terminology, to help you focus on the returns which matter most to you.


There are numerous illustrations, so if you’re short of time, just look at

the graphics – they tell their own story.


Additionally, this book arms you with vital questions to ask of any

financial adviser before allowing them to manage your money.


The ultimate purpose of Book 2 is to show you how the investment

markets perform over time, and thus why you should consider acquiring the confidence to invest your savings in them.

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Book 2
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MYFE Book 3:


Implementing your investment plan

Available in 2023

Too many investment guides tell you what to do, but not how to do it.

They point you to the playground, but don’t tell you which swings and

roundabouts are most fun and safe, and which are dangerous.

MYFE 3 starts by helping you understand the nature of investment risk, how it’s measured and what it means to you. It also helps you assess your personal tolerance and capacity for risk.

Then it goes on to show you valid alternatives for where (which

platforms) and how (which funds) to invest your savings depending on

your personal financial objectives - short, medium or long-term.


It also outlines alternative approaches for you and a partner, even if

you’re both the same age with the same financial goals and expectations.


In short, Book 3 walks you through the online mechanics of investing.

Once again, there are many illustrations showing the multiple steps and

choices available to you.

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Book 3

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