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A FREE Simple Plan for Millennials & Generation X

"I can't recommend these books highly enough." - Pete Matthew, MeaningfulMoney

"Thank you and well done on writing such great guides." - Nina

"Great project and great cause." - Andy

"The overall aesthetic and design of the book is brilliant, with many figures, tables, and diagrams!" - Ryan, MakingMoneySimple

"The sections on 'Do what you love vs love what you do', 'Learning', 'MOTs' and 'Managing student debt' are particularly insightful." - Jonathan

"I’ve been reading MYFE1 avidly this evening and am thoroughly impressed with the wealth of information and advice contained in such a short work." - Ben

"A pleasure to read and you have provided me with the compass I need. Thank you, Mark." - Debs

"I've read a good many 'manage your money' books but this is by far the most straight talking, easy to follow guide I've found." - Matt

"Mark’s beautifully written book has made this complex topic so clear and easy to understand." - Benjamin

A note from the author

Why will these books be of value to you? The answer is, perhaps like you, I approached the saving and investment markets innocently and naively. In truth, I was too busy getting on with life to prioritise paying attention to my financial future. Big mistake.

Author's signature

I wrote the books initially for my millennial kids, then my mates saw them and wanted copies for their kids, hence the idea to make them available to everyone.

In short, the aim of the MYFE series of books is to demystify personal investments while offering free and unbiased guidance in an accessible language and engaging design.

The information in the MYFE series of books is based on my own experience, research, and opinion. It’s my hope that a book written by someone like you, and for you, will be of real practical application and lasting value to you and your family.

Even though the books are free, when you download a book, you will be asked to consider donating to The Brain Tumour Charity. Thank you!

If you're a UK resident citizen aged between 25 and 56 these books are for you. There are dyslexia-friendly editions.

Who are they for?

Because being more financially savvy and secure allows you to live a life on your own terms with less anxiety. These are also elegantly designed books, not pamphlets.

Why read them?

To help spread financial knowledge with free unbiased advice and raise money for charity.

Why did I write them?

There isn't one. I won't try to sell you anything, share your details, bombard you with emails and I won't sell advertising on this website.

What's the catch?

Short but comprehensive books packed with practical guidance.

MYFE Book 1: The What
MYFE Book 2: The Why
Due for release end 2024
MYFE Book 3: The How
Due for release end 2025


A Quick Start Guide

Discover why saving and investing shouldn't be complex and intimidating, and how to create a simple and effective plan for achieving your financial goals. 


Investment Market Performance

Understand how investment markets and their asset classes, including property, have performed over time and break through confusing and misleading market terminology.


Implementing Your Investment Plan

Grasp the meaning and reality of risk, and learn how to decide which investment platforms and funds to use depending on your personal financial situation and expectations.

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"Now and again, something comes across my desk which makes me sit up and take notice, and that’s exactly what happened when a book called Manage Your Financial Expectations landed in my in-tray.

The book – one of three, eventually – and the whole project is the brainchild of Mark Hamilton, retired businessman and father of three. I’ve invited him on to tell his story and the why behind the books."

Pete Matthew, Meaningful Money

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These books are free, but please consider making a donation to The Brain Tumour Charity. You can do this safely and securely by clicking the donate button below.

Your donation will support groundbreaking research, provide vital support to patients and families, and ultimately help find a cure for brain tumours. Your contribution can make a significant difference in improving outcomes and quality of life for those affected. Thank you.

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A FREE Simple Plan for Millennials & Generation X

Crypto Currency: Should You, Shouldn't You?

Explore the benefits and risks of investing in crypto assets. This guide delves into market performance, volatility, and strategic investment approaches. Learn how small bitcoin holdings might enhance returns and understand the impacts of blockchain and DeFi. Equip yourself with essential knowledge to navigate the complex world of crypto assets confidently.

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