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"I can't recommend these books highly enough." - Pete Matthew of MeaningfulMoney

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The MYFE book series help make saving and investing clear and accessible for everyone.

They're FREE to download... but please consider a donation to The Brain Tumour Charity via Just Giving

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What You Need to Know About

Managing  Your  Financial  Expectations

Who are they for

If you're a UK resident citizen aged between 25 and 56 these books are for you. There are also dyslexic editions.

Why read them

Because being more financially savvy and secure allows you to live a life on your own terms with less anxiety.

Why I wrote them

To help spread financial knowledge with free unbiased advice and raise money for charity.

What I won't do

Try to sell you anything.

Share your details.

Bombard you with emails.

Sell advertising on this website.

Want to know more

To discover more listen to the podcast by Pete Matthew of Meaningful Money with Mark, the author.

Easily accessible as a PDF for all your devices and needs...

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Available on PDF for desktop

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You can even print a copy if you prefer

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Available as PDF for mobile

Kindle: you can also import the MYFE pfd into your Kindle. To learn how see here.

Short but comprehensive books packed with practical guidance...


A Quick Start Guide

Available Now

Discover why saving and investing shouldn't be complex and intimidating, and how to create a simple and effective plan for achieving your financial goals. 


Investment Market Performance

Available 2023

Understand how investment markets and their asset classes, including property, have performed over time and break through confusing and misleading market terminology.


Available 2023


Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now.

Alan Lakein, author on personal time management.

If you find these books helpful...


These books are free, but please consider donating as much as you can to the Brain Tumour Charity. You can do this safely and securely by clicking the donate button below, which links directly to my 'Just Giving' page.

In terms of life years lost, brain tumours are the most fatal of all cancers, and they occur at any age. More research is desperately needed. Please help make that research happen. Thank you.

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