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Your Email

If the book is genuinely free, why do I ask for your email address?

You may be wondering if the book is free, the website doesn’t accept any advertising and I won’t sell any of your data to an outside company, why I need your email. Here are the reasons:

  • The contents of all MYFE books have been vetted by external experts in the fields of law, finance, tax, investment and pensions. Nevertheless, mistakes can still sneak through the net. Aside from being mortified, I would need to advise you of any such errors – they may go to the heart of your saving and investment plans.

  • Laws change, and if there is a major revision to the regulations governing personal saving and investment, I would like to be able to update you.

  • I would also like to let you know when MYFE books 2 & 3 become available.

  • Before the launch of MYFE book 2, I plan to write at least one article on the topic of ‘The Media and The Markets.’ I think it’s an important issue, and the article is designed to help you separate media noise from investment facts.

  • At some point in the distant future I may wish to send you a questionnaire to help me select topics about which you might like to be additionally informed.

  • There may be other reasons I haven’t yet thought of, but I certainly won’t be bombarding you with emails – I’ve got a life to live too!

Finally, you remain in control at all times:

  • You have to ‘opt-in’ by checking the box on the download form. Unless you do this I cannot by law send you anything.

  • If at any time you feel the few emails I do send are a waste of your time, you can always ‘unsubscribe’ from receiving any more.


I hope these answers address any concerns you may have.

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